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Apply Promo Code: 3OFF to Enjoy 3% Off on All Products (Exclude Massage Chairs)

Sunfire CRW2C Duo Ribbon Inwall center /sealed B-Stock

Original price $691.00 - Original price $691.00
Original price
$691.00 - $691.00
Current price $691.00
Tweeter 6" Cinema Ribbon
Woofer Dual 4.5"
Configuration Front-Firing
Crossover Topology 2-Way
High Back-emf Design ""/
Intelligent Tweeter Shaping ""/
Enclosure Type Sealed
Magnetically Shielded ""/

Binding Posts Gold Plated, Spring
Bi-wire Capable -

Finish Textured Paint
Grille Paintable


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Sunfire CRW2C Duo Ribbon Inwall center /sealed B-Stock

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When the Cinema Ribbon Duos were launched a couple of years ago, they showed the world just how much audiophile-quality sound could becreated from a remarkably small form factor. That remarkable product standing just 8 tall delivered unprecedented levels of sonicperformance for a speaker in their size and class. As a result, theyve won the accolades of the most important critics and HomeTheater devotees, like you.

The CRW-2C features many of the same benefits as the classic Cinema Ribbon Duos, but are specifically designed for built-in HomeTheater applications where space limitations are a principal concern. Thanks to its removable "acoustic lens", the CRW-2C is perfectlysuited for center channel and LCR applications. This louvered lens keeps the ribbon's dispersion accurate whether you choose to mountthem vertically or horizontally. A diminutive 6" tall Cinema Ribbon tweeter boasts unrivalled frequency response up to 40kHz. Two ofSunfires legendary High Back-emf drivers provide tremendous output, while a sealed cabinet keeps things under control. And gold-platedbinding posts ensure that every connection, like the audio you hear, is as pure as possible.

The Cinema Ribbon Duo In-Walls. Half the size, twice the sound. One of a kind.


Frequency Response95Hz-40kHz
Power Handling25-400W
Impedance8ohm (nominal)
SPL (max.)115 dB

Size (H x W x D)23.10" x 7.87" x 4.05"
Net Weight15 lbs