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Sunfire Cinema Ribbon Trio In-Wall Center - CRW-3C

by Sunfire
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Tweeter 6" Cinema Ribbon
Woofer Four 4.5"
Configuration Front-Firing
Crossover Topology Tapered Array (2-1/2 way)
High Back-emf Design ""/
Intelligent Tweeter Shaping ""/
Enclosure Type Sealed
Magnetically Shielded ""/

Binding Posts Gold Plated, Spring
Bi-wire Capable ""/

Finish Textured Paint
Grille Paintable

Cinema Ribbon Trio In-Wall Center - CRW-3C


The success of the XT Series Cinema Ribbons has been the story of one of the fastest growing, most successful premium speaker lines ever. With remarkableoutput from surprisingly small cabinets, the Cinema Ribbons are emblematic of Sunfire's widely acclaimed design philosophy.

The CRW-3C is perfectly suited as a center channel, or for identical LCR applications. Its removable "acoustic lens" keeps the ribbon's dispersion accuratewhether you choose to mount them vertically or horizontally. The diminutive 6" tall Cinema Ribbon tweeter boasts unrivalled frequency response up to40kHz. Four High Back-emf drivers provide double the output of their Duo counterpart, while a sealed cabinet keeps things under control. And gold-plated,bi-wire ready binding posts ensure that every connection, like the audio you hear, is as pure as possible.

Purpose-built for the demanding enthusiast, the XT Series CRW-3s are proof positive that "hidden high performance" need not be a contradiction.


Frequency Response80Hz-40kHz
Power Handling25-440W
Impedance6ohm (nominal)
SPL (max.)117 dB

Size (H x W x D)32.5" x 7.87" x 4.05"
Net Weight24.4 lbs