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Panasonic PT-DW530U WXGA Projector USA

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Current price $1,938.06
  • Vivid Color Control
  • Lamp Modulation Drive System
  • Brightness: 4000 Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • WXGA 1280 x 800 Resolution
  • Side-by-Side Function
  • Powerful Cooling System
  • Daylight View Technology
  • Easy Lamp Replacement
  • Closed Caption Function


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Panasonic PT-DW530U WXGA Projector USA

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  • ThePanasonic PT-DW530U WXGA Projectoris flexible and powerful enough to thrive in a variety of working conditions. With a brightness of 4000 Lumens and a contrast ratio of 2000:1, the PT-DW530U uses a single lamp and efficient focusing reflector to minimize consumption to only 415W. It has a widescreen aspect ratio and WXGA resolution of 1280 x 800 that are complimented by an increased functionality and a variety of features.

    The PT-DW530U uses an RGB Booster to enhance color. It increases color brightness through Vivid Color Control technology. The lamp Modulation Drive System controls lamp intensity for each color. This optimizes light usage and obtains color balance without lowering brightness. The PT-DW530U also thrives in the daylight, by correcting image sharpness when projecting in light areas.

    The PT-DW530U enjoys multiple input terminals, which enhance flexibility. There are HDMI and DVI-D inputs, as well as composite, RCA and S-video inputs. For network connection, the PT-DW530 has an RS-232 and RJ45 terminal. The RS-232 jack even has an Emulation feature that lets you replace an existing Panasonic projector on your network, without changing the control settings.

    The PT-DW530U includes a web browser control for LAN operation. Through this connection, administrators can control and monitor multiple projectors at the same time. Any errors that occur at each projector are emailed back to the administrator's computer. An optional wireless adapter (sold separately), lets you give wireless presentations from your laptop. When you're finished, the projector reconnects to the LAN network automatically.

    When installing the PT-DW530U, plenty of features aide with proper instillation. The horizontal and vertical lens shift will let you accommodate many room sizes and shapes and the zoom increases the chances that your existing ceiling mount will not need to be moved. The Flexible Angle feature lets you rotate the unit 360 vertically, to ensure angled installation is problem-free. Panasonic's cooling system allows installation even with ambient temperatures reaching up to 115 F. The lens-centered design also ensures that installation will be easy and not require multiple placements around the room to establish what works best.

    Panasonic has also included several features that limit maintenance. The Cooling system and dust-resistant design extend lamp and air-filter life to 2000 hours of operation. Plus, when the lamp is ready to be changed, the PT-DW530U affords easy lamp replacement even when it is ceiling mounted. The rear hatch opens, making lamp replacement quick and simple.

    For making cutting-edge presentations, the Side-by-Side function allows simultaneous display from two image sources on a single screen. You can display an image from a PC, right next to a video image. This feature also takes advantage of the widescreen capabilities of the PT-DW530U. You can export sound via the audio output to an external source, giving you even greater flexibility to run this projector in medium-sized presentation rooms. Whether you're interested in improving your business training or classroom technology, the PT-DW530U uses a wealth of features and functions to ensure quality video playback and vivid color reproduction.

    RGB Booster
    The RGB Booster achieves high image quality with levels of color reproduction and brightness that make each color stand out. It combines Panasonic's proprietary Vivid Color Control technology with a Lamp Modulation Drive System for a 1-chip DLP projector that produces bright and vivid colors
    Vivid Color Control
    This unique control technology optimizes the use of the color segment areas of the color wheel. It increases the brightness of each RGB color
    Lamp Modulation Drive System
    With the advanced lamp modulation technology, the projector is now able to control the lamp intensity for each of the red, green, blue and white segments of the color wheel separately. Because the actual light output is controlled in relation to each color segment, light usage is optimized and color balance is obtained without lowering the brightness. This results in bright, vivid images with increased color fidelity
    Web Browser Control
    This unit can be easily operated remotely over a LAN, because it is done using the computer's Web browser. Furthermore, the projector sends an email message to notify the operator when an error has occurred, or a lamp needs to be replaced
    Multi Projector Monitoring
    Panasonic's original freeware "Multi Projector Monitoring & Control Software Ver. 2" allows the user to control and monitor multiple projectors at the same time over a wired LAN. When a problem occurs, an alarm message is sent to the monitoring / controlling PC
    Side-by-Side Function
    You can simultaneously display images from two sources onto a single screen. For example, you can display a PC image on the left and a video image on the right. Taking advantage of the wide-screen projection, this function gives you a host of new application possibilities to explore
    Multiple Terminals
    Interfaces include a DVI-D and HDMI inputs. The serial terminal (RS-232C) has an Emulate function that lets you continue using existing control systems when replacing a previous Panasonic model. It is also possible to output audio during Standby mode. This is convenient when connecting an external audio system through the projector
    H / V Lens Shift and 2 x Zoom Lens
    The horizontal / vertical lens shift let you accommodate a wide range of room sizes and shapes. When replacing existing projectors, the 2 x zoom greatly enhances your ease of installation and can reduce costs by permitting the use of existing mounting positions and cabling
    Detail Clarity Processor 3
    The frequency of the video signal is analyzed for each scene, and distribution data is extracted for the ultra high, high, medium and low-range frequencies. High-precision detection is applied from 2-dimensional horizontal / vertical data to produce more natural, lifelike images with high definition
    Optional Wireless Module
    The optional Wireless Module (sold separately) lets you utilize wireless projection for a smooth, hassle-free presentation. You can make the settings for wireless connection quickly and easily using Wireless Manager ME 5.5 software. When the presentation is finished, Wireless Manager restores the PC to its previous LAN settings, so the PC is ready to reconnect to your LAN. Functions include Live mode and Multi-Live Mode. In Live mode, the image projected is identical to the image seen on the PC screen. In Multi-Live mode, you can wirelessly connect with multiple PCs
    Daylight View
    This function corrects the image quality to project sharp, clear images even in brightly lit rooms. A luminance sensor measures the ambient brightness, and a real-time adjustment function optimizes sharpness and brightness according to the surroundings
    Flexible Angle Setting
    The unit can be rotated 360 vertically. This means you can install it at any up-and-down angle you wish to accommodate different installation conditions
    Cooling System
    The cooling system has been updated. It optimizes the airflow inside the unit. As a result, it offers better cooling efficiency and allows the projector to be used in ambient temperatures up to 113 F (45 C)
    Reduced Maintenance
    The cooling system combines with a dust-resistant design based on a sealed optical block to achieve a lamp and lamp air filter replacement cycle of 2,000 hours. This greatly reduces maintenance hassles
    Easy Lamp Replacement
    You can replace the lamp from the rear. The lamp is easily replaced even after the projector is installed on the ceiling
    Lens-Centered Design
    A lens-centered, symmetrical design provides ease of installation, eliminating the need for any special considerations when planning the installation site
    Rec. 709 Mode for HDTV Projection
    Optimal color reproduction can be achieved by selecting this mode, compliant with ITU-R Recommendation BT.709, when images from an HDTV source are projected

Item Includes

  • Panasonic PT-DW530U WXGA Projector
    • Power Cord With Security Lock
    • Remote Control
    • 2 x AA Batteries
    • Wire Rope
    • CD-ROM Software
    • 3-Year Warranty


  • Image Display
    Display System1-Chip DLP
    Native Resolution1280 x 800
    HDTV Compatibility480p
    720p @ 50 Hz
    1080i @ 60 Hz
    1080i @ 50 Hz
    1080p @ 24 Hz
    1080p @ 25 Hz
    1080p @ 30 Hz
    1080p @ 60 Hz
    1080p @ 50 Hz
    Brightness4000 Lumens
    Aspect RatioNative:16:10
    Contrast Ratio2000:1
    DLP Link 3DNone
    LensF 2.0 - 3.4 (f = 21.5 - 43.0 mm)
    Throw Ratio1.53 - 3.09:1
    Projection Size40 - 300" / 1016.00 - 7620.00 mm
    Keystone CorrectionVertical: 40
    Ceiling MountableYes
    Rear Screen ProjectionYes
    Projection Tilt OptionYes
    Input/Output Connectors
    Inputs/Outputs1x HDMIAudio/Video (Input)
    1x DVI-DVideo (Input)
    1x RCA CompositeVideo (Input)
    1x S-VideoVideo (Input)
    1x RCA ComponentVideo (Input)
    2x RCA Stereo (L/R)Audio (Input)
    2x 1/8" (3.5 mm) MiniAudio (Input)
    1x RS-232CControl (Input)
    1x EthernetControl/Service (Input)
    1x RCA ComponentVideo (Input)
    1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) MiniAudio (Output)
    Lamp (Bulb)1x UHM
    Fan NoiseNormal Mode:29 dB
    Remote ControlYes
    Power Requirements100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    Power ConsumptionNormal Mode:415W
    Standby Mode:15W
    Standby Mode:.3W
    Dimensions (WxHxD)13.1 x 6.6 x 19.1"/33.3 x 16.8 x 48.5 cm
    Weight18.7 lb/8.48 kg
    Packaging Info
    Package Weight25.0 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH)23.0 x 18.4 x 15.75"