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Panasonic AJ-HPM200 P2 Mobile Portable

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Panasonic AJ-HPM200 P2 Mobile Portable

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The Panasonic AJ-HPM200 is a portable P2 recorder capable of capturing and playing back multiple formats and frame rates, including Panasonic's new 10-bit, full raster codec AVC-Intra. The recorder incorporates all major attributes of previous modes, with additional features including GigaBit Ethernet capability. The unit's 9" LCD makes it easy to preview, make insert edits, and monitor overall image quality right on set for immediate delivery. The AJ-HPM200 has a compact, lightweight frame and boasts an exceptional 5-Year Warranty.

Must Register Product to Receive Full Warranty Coverage
AVC-Intra Codec
AVC-Intra is the latest codec that further advances HD production. It complies with the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 international standard based on advanced image compression technology, and offers both superb image quality and highly efficient compression. It uses an intraframe compression system to bring important advantages to professional editing. The AJ-HPM200 can record in AVC-Intra 100 for maximum picture quality or in AVC-Intra 50, which has a lower compression rate, for versatile operation. It also supports DVCPRO HD codec recording.
Up, Down, Cross-Conversion
The AJ-HPM200 can convert up or down between HD and SD or cross convert between 720p and 1080i during playback. It can also up-convert SD input for recording in HD, and it features an aspect conversion function.
24PsF Compatible, HD/SD Multi-Format
Supporting a wide range of HD formats, such as 1080p, 1080i and 720p, the AJ-HPM200 can be switched to 59.94 Hz or 50 Hz to adapt to the world's HD broadcasting formats. The AJ-HPM200 supports 1080/24p (30p/25p) recording and playback with the AVC-Intra codec. In HD SDI mode, it supports 1080/24PsF input/output for use in high-end movie production. It also supports SD, and multi-codec recording (DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO, DV) is possible in both NTSC (480i) and PAL (576i).
Gamma Conversion Function for Cinema Production
The AJ-HPM200 provides a simple, low-cost solution for producing cinema or film-like video. It has two modes (GAMMA 1*, GAMMA 2*) for converting source materials recorded using the F.REC mode and gamma curve into video images with a film-like tone. There's also a GAMMA 3 (Cineon) mode for converting data into a gamma curve suitable for film recording.
VariCam Speed Effects
The AJ-HPM200 can extract active frames from VFR (variable frame rate) signals output by a VariCam and record them in 720/24p (30p/25p). The built-in monitor lets you check the VFR effect during playback. The AJ-HPM200 can also provide VariCam-like 60p pull-down output (50p from 25p) by playing back a video clip in a P2 card recorded in native 720/24p (30p/25p) by P2HD camcorders AJ-HPX2700, AG-HPX500 series, the AG-HPX300 series, the AG-HPX170 series or the AG-HVX200A series.
Reliable, Low-Cost P2 Card with 64GB Capacity
The P2 card offers a large capacity of up to 64 GB* in a small, lightweight package. Its rugged design withstands even harsh professional use. It is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, dust, impact and vibration, and is free of the problems that are common in tapes, such as condensation, head clogging and dropouts. The P2 card promises solid reliability and excellent mobility under the often difficult conditions of field recording. Because data is automatically recorded in blank card spaces, there is no need for cueing and the risk of accidentally overwriting valuable data is eliminated. The newly released, low-cost E Series (AJ-P2E016XG, AJ-P2E032XG, and AJ-P2E064XG) provides a new level of convenience by meeting a wide range of user needs.
Advanced Recording Functions Employing Six Card Slots
With its six card slots, the AJ-HPM200 will play a continuous, extended clip recorded in sequence onto six P2 cards. Or, you can mount five P2 cards, and output the playlist editing result to a sixth P2 card. Hot-swap rec: You can replace a full memory card with a blank one while recording onto another card. Successively swapping cards gives you virtually unlimited recording capacity. Loop rec: This function continuously records video data onto available two or more P2 cards. When the cards become full, older data is deleted to free up the recording area, resulting in loss-less, endless recording. When used with cameras for time-sensitive information gathering like weather and news reporting, the loop rec function holds the latest video data for a predetermined time period.
Clip Copying and Editing
P2 records a scene as a clip (file). To play back or delete a clip, or to check and edit its metadata (file information) or add or delete a shot marker, just select the clip from the thumbnail display on the built-in 9" LCD monitor. The AJ-HPM200 also provides a number of functions that are convenient in the field, including:

  • Clip Copy: The multiple card slots let you copy clips from one P2 card to another. You can copy only the usable scenes to use the card's capacity more effectively.
  • Thumbnail Image Change: At a desired location within a clip, you can change the thumbnail to a different image.
  • Text Memo: When recording or previewing a clip, you can attach a memo (similar to a bookmark) at a desired location (up to 100 locations on a frame basis). The simplified editing function lets you copy a segment between memos and create a new clip. Text information can be added to a memo.
  • Shot Marker: During or after recording, you can mark each clip with OK, NG or another designation.
Clip Metadata Function
A clip of metadata can contain such information as the camera operator's name, reporter's name and shooting location. By adding and recording metadata together with P2 content files, data can be efficiently managed, searched and edited. With the AJ-HPM200, metadata can be edited and created. When using a software keyboard or USB keyboard (optional), text data can be entered easily. You can also create a metadata upload file (produced with P2 Viewer software) on an SD/SDHC card, and load it as clip metadata.
New Playlist Editor GUI for Intuitive Operation
The P2 Mobiles playlist function enables speedy cut editing* of up to 100 events (or a 24-hour timeline). The AJ-HPM200 features an all-new editor GUI. It can simultaneously display player-side (source material) thumbnails or a preview screen on the left side, a recorder-side (timeline) preview screen on the right side, and the timeline at the bottom. This allows smooth, intuitive operation for users familiar with nonlinear editors and users accustomed to conventional DVCPRO laptop editors.
Direct Capture from an External VTR
The AJ-HPM200 is equipped with a Direct Capture function. It lets you set IN and OUT points on the player-side preview screen by controlling an external VTR connected via an RS-422A interface, and register or capture (digitization and clip creation) video footage directly onto the editing timeline. This allows quick P2HD production from tape sources in a linear-like fashion. Files on an external HDD (eSATA/USB connection) can be used as editing materials.
Playlist Editing Function and Others
  • AV Independent Edit: From the video track and 4-channel audio track, a desired track can be selected and edited independently. Voiceovers for inserting a narration using a microphone are also possible.
  • Insert Edit and Overwrite Edit
  • Audio Level Adjustment of Desired Segment: By using the audio fader, the audio level of a desired segment can be adjusted.
  • Editcopy function: Playlists can be saved as files and reused. The editcopy function can also write out the result of playlist playback as a separate clip. The AJ-HPM200 lets you edit and copy image data over multiple P2 cards or external eSATA/USB HDD for extended HD editing.
Versatile Playback Functions Meet Diverse Needs
  • Format Auto Playback: This automatically detects the video format and codec for each video clip to playback and output.
  • Variable Speed Playback: For slow-motion and double-speed playback.
  • Resume Playback: If you press the Stop key during playback, the AJ-HPM200 temporarily "bookmarks" the stop position until another operation is performed. When you press the Play key, playback resumes at the bookmarked position. The bookmark memory is reset when the power is turned off. The Resume Playback function is factory-set to OFF.
  • Single-Clip Playback: This convenient function plays back one video clip with a one-touch operation.
  • Repeat Playback: For presentations and demonstrations, use the AJ-HPM200 for repeated playback of a selected clip or multiple (but same format) clips. Playback is seamless, with no need for rewinding or cueing. There is no wear or image deterioration even after extended, continuous playback.
Menu Settings and User File
Using the crosshair cursor buttons or jog dial, it's easy to select menu items and make settings on the LCD monitor. A user file containing up to five groups of settings can be saved or loaded. You can assign frequently used menu items to the four PF keys and then select them instantly with the touch of a finger.
Edit Control Panel with Jog/Shuttle Dial
Like a broadcast editor, the AJ-HPM200 is equipped with a jog and shuttle dial. You can shuttle search at 100x normal speed in forward or reverse and jog search within a range of -1x to +1x speed. Audio can be monitored up to 10x normal speed. Equipped with large audio fader levers, the AJ-HPM200 can be set the playback audio level easily. The control keys of the AJ-HPM200 are similar to those on a conventional editing controller, so you can perform editing operations, such as IN/OUT point registration, cue, review and trim, intuitively and accurately.
Waveform or Vectorscope Display
The AJ-HPM200 has waveform and vectorscope display functions for the playback or input video signal on the LCD monitor. During up-conversion recording, the post-conversion waveform is displayed.
Gigabit Ethernet for FTP Transfers
The AJ-HPM200 is provided with an Ethernet port (1000Base-T/100Base- TX/10Base-T). This enables the AJ-HPM200 to connect to a network without using a PC for easy file transfers over the Internet.
eSATA/USB2.0-Compatible HDD Host Function
In addition to USB, the AJ-HPM200 comes with an eSATA interface. This enables high-speed backup copying and data restoration at up to about 4x normal speed using an eSATA hard-disk drive. The maximum data transfer speed of the USB 2.0 port has been increased to approximately 2x normal speed. In device mode, the AJ-HPM200 can be used as a P2 card drive of a PC (nonlinear editor).
Playback and Editing of Source Materials
Source materials on an external hard disk connected via eSATA or USB 2.0 can be played* back smoothly from thumbnails. If the data reading speed decreases temporarily due to vibration or when using a low-speed hard disk, it is possible to output only audio for continuous playback. Source materials on a hard disk can also be used in playlist editing, just like source materials on a P2 card.
AVCHD Recording/Playback
The AJ-HPM200 is the first P2HD recorder to offer compatibility with low bit rate AVCHD. When equipped with the optional AJ-YCX250G AVCHD codec board, the AJ-HPM200 can record and play back AVCHD files on an SD/SDHC memory card.
RS-422A Remote
The AJ-HPM200 is equipped with an RS-422A remote terminal same as a broadcasting VTR. Using an external controller, this lets you operate the AJ-HPM200 as an editor-player.
Rugged Casing
With its rugged casing and magnesium die-cast frame, the AJ-HPM200 is tough enough for go-anywhere field production. The rear connector section is protected by a cover. With the editing panel closed, the AJ-HPM200 is the size of a large briefcase and comes equipped with a metal handle for easy carrying. You can take it onboard an airplane as a carry-on.
SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot
When using an SD/SDHC memory card, metadata can be imported and AVCHD files can be recorded and played.
Serial Digital Interface
The AJ-HPM200 has broadcast-standard SDI (HD/SD) input and output terminals. This allows it to handle a variety of operations, such as line recordings, studio production and on-air broadcasting. The input system can be separately selected for video and audio with the Input Select key on the front panel. The output supports display of titles and thumbnails.
FireWire Digital Interface
A FireWire 1394 digital interface comes standard on the AJ-HPM200. Connect a DVCPRO HD camera-recorder/VTR, and the AJ-HPM200 can input or output a DVCPRO-compressed stream with no image degradation.
Analog Input/Output
The AJ-HPM200 is equipped with various analog I/Os: Composite In, Composite Out, Audio In/Out (4 channels), Audio Monitor Out (2 channels), Time Code In/Out and Reference Video In.

Item Includes

  • Panasonic AJ-HPM200 P2 Mobile Portable
  • 1-Year Warranty (5-Years Once Registered)


9" LCD
Audio Recording Format
48 kHz/16-Bit, 2-Channel

48 kHz/16-Bit, 4-Channel

AVC-Intra 100, AVC-Intra 50, DVCPRO HD (100)
48 kHz/16-Bit, 8-Channel
Composite: BNC (x1 Input, x1 Output)
Component: BNC (x1 Output)
HD/SD-SDI: BNC (x1 Input, x1 Output)
Monitor: BNC (x1 Output)
Analog Audio: XLR (x2Input, x2 Output)
Headphones: Stereo Mini Jack (3.5mm Diameter)
FireWire: 6-Pin
USB 2.0
Timecode: BNC (x1 Input, x1 Output)
RS-422A: 9-Pin D-Sub (x1 Input)
Power Requirements
100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
11.8 x 4.8 x 16.3" (30.1 x 12 x 41.2cm)
14.6 lbs (6.4kg)
Packaging Info
Package Weight
20.75 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
22.6 x 17.4 x 10.5"