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Optoma GB200 Auto Edge Projector

SKU GB-200
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  • High resolution blending and warping 1920x1200 per output
  • Cost effective dual channel Auto blending option
  • Black level adjustment & colour correction
  • Geometric correction for off-axis projection & stacking
Chameleon GB-200 image blending and warping processor.


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Optoma GB200 Auto Edge Projector

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Chameleon GB-200

Is a powerful and intuitive image blending and warping processor that provides the ability to merge overlapping edges of two or more projected imagescreating a seamless single image.

A cost effective auto blend option enables a perfectly seamless 2 channel blend in minutes.

Each GB-200 is equipped with two channels and is positioned inline between the input source (PC) and the projector.

The GB-200 has the ability to pre-cut a single image to form a seamless picture of up to a 2x2 projection array, making your installation quicker andeasier. With the help of a multi output graphic card, more complex arrays are not a barrier for the GB-200.

Resolutions including 1080p and WUXGA are supported via VGA, DVI and HDMI connections. Colour, black level and gamma correction are included to take onthe challenges faced when blending multiple projectors.

Edge blending using GB-200 to pre-cut the image

Input source
HDMI splitter
Clone source
Output source

Edge Blending from a PC with a multi-output Graphics card to pre-cut image

PC + multi-output graphic card.

Image Stacking

Double your image brightness without significantly increasing your installation cost; with warp adjustment, you can achieve anybrightness you want.

Image stacking permits flexible installations and greater redundancy; an image can be displayed without interruption while swappinglamps. Alternatively, images can be realigned to be perfectly square if aligned beyond the lens shift range.

Advanced grid point adjustment for flat and curved surfaces

.The software tool allows up to 17 x 17 grid points of adjustment
.Each point can be individually adjusted with sub-pixel precision.
.Curved screens and complex surfaces are effortlessly covered.

Black Level Uplift

Advanced black level uplift with RGB and HSL correction allows you to accurately match both the outside and overlapped areas in orderto achieve a perfect seamless image when the lighting environment is very low.


Multi-Region Colour Correction

Advanced multi region colour correction allows you to adjust the white points of two projected images to make a seamless image.


GB-200 + Optoma Auto Blending Tool

Auto blending is a simple and easy solution for reducing the time required for an edge blend installation. Using a camera to capturethe two projected images, the Optoma auto blending tool automatically calibrates and adjusts the GB-200 settings to perform a blend inless than 7 minutes

Use zoom, lens shift and focus to position the projected images to cover the screen area.
Place the camera in the middle of the screen to auto calibrate the overlap area and the corners of the screen.
The setup is completed in around 7 minutes.
Save the setup file and the camera/PC can be removed.


Output resolution (per channel)XGA60Hz, WXGA60Hz, 1080p 30/50/60Hz* and WUXGA 60Hz
AP: Support Win 7 OS
I/O ConnectorsPower Switch
HDMI Input x 2, DVI-D x 2 (Supporting HDCP)
HDMI Output x 2,VGA Output x 2
Control Interface: LAN control x 2 ports, via LAN hub Static IP.
RS-232 for control x 1 (For debugging only)
Power supply interface :DC 19V power portx1
Operating Noise26 dB (typical) / 28 dB (Max )
Power ConsumptionAC 100 ~ 240V,50/60Hz / 32W -110VAC (Power Adapter)
Dimensions (W x D x H) / Weight42.85 cm x 19.85 cm x 4.35 cm/ 1.9 Kg (4.185 pounds)
Auto blending:30 days trial license (included on CD).
Full version available separately. Please visit for more information.
(Compatible cameras: Logitech C920 Pro, Canon 500D, 650D, 40D, 60D)
Accessories:Power cable, External Power Supply, User Manual / QSG / software CD (Manual blend/warp tool), Rack-mount ears.
* Output resolution and timing will vary depending on the configuration of projectors in your project. When using GB-200 to pre-cut theimage the maximum resolution is 1080p 30Hz.
For more information, please refer to the user manual.
  1. Power switch
  2. RS232 1 (for service only)
  3. HDMI Out 1
  4. VGA Out 1
  5. IP address adjustment 1
  6. RJ45 1
  7. HDMI In 1
  8. DVI In 1
  1. RS232 2 (for service only)
  2. HDMI Out 2
  3. VGA Out 2
  4. IP address adjustment 2
  5. RJ45 2
  6. HDMI In 2
  7. DVI In 2


gb-200 Specification

Model Name/ Part NoGB-200