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Focus Enhancements FS-H200 Pro Compact Flash DTE Recorder

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  • Thumbnail Viewing Function
  • CompactFlash
  • DV/HDV Recording
  • 720p/1080i


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Focus Enhancements FS-H200 Pro Compact Flash DTE Recorder

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The Focus Enhancements FS-H200 Pro Compact Flash DTE Recorder provides reliable direct-to-edit recording onto affordable CompactFlash media. The compact device connects to a camcorder through its FireWire port and has the ability to record in a variety of different file types including AVI and Quicktime. Most notably is the ability to view thumbnail clips directly on the device's LCD screen; quickly and easily check footage right on set!

The recorder supports both DV and native HDV acquisition in a variety of resolutions (1080i/720p) and has the ability to record over 2.5 hours of footage to a 32GB card. It's compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and comes equipped with a high resolution on-board LCD designed to let users easily monitor settings and timecode.

Solid State Acquisition to Editing in One Step
The Focus FS-H200 Pro introduces a new element to DTE Recording. For the first time, it is possible to record directly to a removable and inexpensive CompactFlash (CF) memory cards. Connect the FS-H200 Pro directly to your DV or HDV camcorder using a single FireWire cable, allowing you to record to CF card only or to CF card and tape simultaneously.
View Thumbnails and Video Clips
With the FS-H200 Pro, you can view thumbnails and video clips on its brilliant color display. Thumbnails can also be viewed on a web page when the FS-H200 Pro is connected to a network. The MPEG-4 proxy files can be generated and transferred to a host computer or a video-sharing web site, as well as distributed to portable media devices, making collaboration easy.
Assign Custom Metadata on the Fly
With the FS-H200 Pro, you can personalize and optimize workflow, while you shoot. With your wireless handheld device or laptop, you can access the FS-H200 Pro through a browser, define metadata, and assign it to video while you are recording, eliminating the need to tag footage when the shoot is over. During post production, simply transfer clips, complete with metadata, from the FS-H200 Pro to your NLE system or PX Media Server. All of the information that you assigned during the shoot goes with the clips, saving you hours or even days of logging time.
Durable Design
By recording to solid state CompactFlash cards, the Focus FS-H200 Pro can be used in the extreme conditions including high-shock and altitude environments. With the FS-H200 Pro , once a recording is completed the CompactFlash card can be removed from the unit and inserted into a memory card adapter for quick computer access or remain in the FS-H200 Pro and mount to computer via USB. DTE Technology ensures that your footage is ready to edit instantly; no capturing, file transfer, or file conversion is required.
The Direct To Edit Advantage
With the FS-H200 Pro Portable Compact Flash DTE Recorder, you will go from acquisition to editing with unparalleled speed, efficiency, and reliability. By combining DTE Technology, reliable solid state recording and advanced caching, the FS-H200 Pro ensures that you never miss an important shot or lose critical footage and your footage is ready to edit instantly.
Industry Standard File Format Support
The Focus FS-H200 Pro brings the most popular DTE file formats to solid state recording. When used with 25Mb/s HDV cameras. The FS-H200 Pro supports QuickTime 1080/60i and 720/24p recording for Final Cut Pro use as well as M2T 720p/1080i recording for use in a number of different applications from Adobe, Avid and Grass Valley (Canopus).
Removable Compact Flash Slot
The FS-H200 Pro features a CF card slot on its side for insertion of standard Type 1, UDMA, 266x minimum CompactFlash Cards. CompactFlash cards feature a fast interface and very high capacities at low cost. The FS-H200 Pro also features a captive protective cover for the CF card slot to protect and secure your media.
Native QuickTime HDV Support
With the FS-H200 Pro, you can record 1080/60i or 720/24p clips as native QuickTime HDV. The FS-H200 Pro extracts and decodes the audio from the incoming HDV stream, combines it with video stream, and wraps is as a QuickTime HDV file. When recording is complete, your QuickTime HDV file can be imported directly into Final Cut Pro; no capture or conversion is required.
Transforming Workflow
When using the FS-H200 Pro, moving from acquisition (recording) to post-production (editing) is so fast and easy you'll never want to record on tape again! Not only is capturing and digitizing footage boring, it takes up precious time that could be used managing other aspects of your project. By using CompactFlash, the offload process can wait until you're ready.
High-Resolution LCD Screen
The LCD screen on the FS-H200 Pro is both bright and clear, making it easy to use in even the most brightly lit locations.
Powerful, Flexible and Easy to Use
The FS-H200 Pro is capable of recording a wide range of HDV and DV formats and navigate quickly and easily using the intuitive menu structure.
Perfect for Extreme Conditions
Trouble-free recordings in extreme shock and high altitudes; record in temperatures up to 120°F (50°C).
Silent Operation
Enjoy quiet operation made possible by a true solid state media recorder with no moving parts.

Item Includes

  • Focus Enhancements FS-H200 Pro Compact Flash DTE Recorder
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 4-Pin to 6-Pin FireWire Cable
  • USB Type-A to Type-A Cable
  • Camera Handle Mount
  • 1-Year Warranty


Video System
DTE CompactFlash Recorder
2-Channel (16-bit, 48kHz)
4-Channel (12-bit, 32kHz) (RawDV only)

MPEG-1 Audio Layer II
DV: 480i/p, 8-bit 4:1:1 (NTSC-DV)
HDV: 720/24p, 720/30p, 1080/60i
DTE File Formats: AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, AVI Type2 24p, Canopus AVI, Matrox AVI, MXF, Pinnacle AVI, Quicktime, Quicktime 24p, RawDV
Dedicated VTR Record Buttons, Retro Recording, Scene Marking, MetaData Assigning
Play, Stop, Forward Index, Back Index, Forward, Rewind, Loop Playback Modes
Hard Drive
Not Applicable
File Transfer Method
FireWire 400, USB 2.0, CompactFlash
Front Panel Keys with LCD screen
Power, 4 User-Programmable Function Keys, Record, Stop, Play, Pause
Input and Output Connectors
FireWire: 6-Pin (x1 Input/Output)
USB: USB 2.0 Type-A (x1 Input/Output)
Remote: GPI/RS-232
Time Code
DV Embedded Timecode (Drop or Non-Drop)
Belt Mount or On-Camera
Compatible Camcorders
Mini DV (DV25 Camcorders), Canon XLH1, Canon XHA1, JVC GY-HD100/110, JVC GY-HD200, JVC GY-HD250, Canon XHG1 Sony HDR-FX1, Sony HVR-HD1000U, Sony HVR-V1U, Sony HVR-Z1U, Sony HVR-Z7U
Compatible NLE Systems
Adobe Premiere
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
Adobe Premiere Elements
Apple Final Cut Express
Apple Final Cut Pro
Apple iMovie
Avid Media Composer Adrenaline
Avid Xpress Pro
Avid Newscutter Adrenaline
Canopus Edius Pro
Canopus Edius Broadcast
Matrox RT/RTX
Matrox Axio
Sony Vegas
Ulead Media Studio Pro
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
Operating Temperature
32-120°F (0-50°C)
Storage Temperature
-40-140°F (-20-60°C)
2.8 x 5.4 x 1.3" (7 x 13.7 x 3.2cm)
12 oz (0.3kg)