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Apply Promo Code: 3OFF to Enjoy 3% Off on All Products (Exclude Massage Chairs)

Epiphan DVI2PCIe Duo PCIe x4 Video Capture Card with SDI and Dual-Link DVI Inputs

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Current price $1,213.46
  • Capture Single- / Dual-Link DVI Signals
  • Capture VGA Video HDMI/SDI Audio/Video
  • Full HD 1080p Capture at up to 60 fps
  • 2048 x 2048 Capture at 20 fps


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Epiphan DVI2PCIe Duo PCIe x4 Video Capture Card with SDI and Dual-Link DVI Inputs

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The DVI2PCIe Duo PCIe x4 Video Capture Card from Epiphan can capture lossless video from dual-link and single-link DVI sources, and VGA, HDMI, and SDI video sources, as well as audio from SDI and unencrypted HDMI sources. The card supports various resolutions up to 2048 x 2048, with different frame rates supported for each. Full HD 1080p resolution can be captured at up to 60 fps, 2048 x 2048 at 20 fps, and 1024 x 768 at 85 fps.

The DVI2PCIe provides uncompressed dual-channel video to 3rd-party recording, streaming, conferencing, and video analysis software applications running on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux platforms. It is suitable for AV professionals who capture and record production-quality video directly from SDI and DVI. The DVI2PCIe Duo Video Capture Card features a low-profile design and comes with a low-profile bracket for installation in 2U cases.

Multi-Source Video Inputs
Designed to capture from digital and analog sources
Built-in SDI input to capture video signals from 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI sources and embedded audio from SDI sources
Built-in DVI input to capture video signals from DVI, VGA, and HDMI sources and embedded audio from HDMI sources
Delivers High-Quality Output
Frame rate is independent of the captured content; both slow and fast moving videos are captured at the same rate
Captures and transfers every pixel of the frame without any compression
Customize Your Recording
Company-related information, corporate color, and a time stamp can be added to identify your video
Customizable color, style, and location on the screen where your information is displayed
Designed with Usability in Mind
Designed for AV professionals who require a PCIe card that fits into an existing desktop solution
Easily fits into any PCIe x4 expansion slot
Full and half-height installation options to suit your desktop configuration
Multiple DVI2PCIe Duo cards are supported in the same system
Easy Integration with Multimedia Applications
Saves captured images and video in the most widely used video file formats – AVI files in Windows and MOV files in Mac OS
Supports third party applications that accept an external video source such as Adobe Premiere, Windows Media Encoder, and others
Integrates with Telestream, DirectShow, and QuickTime
Delivers Professional AV Quality
Captures high-quality video and images from sources with SDI/DVI/VGA/HDMI video output
Captures uncompressed video and audio from 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI signals at Full HD resolution at 60 fps
Supports 60 fps at Full HD resolution in 24-bit color (4:4:4) even when capturing from both DVI and SDI channels simultaneously
Supports 2048 x 2048 resolution for DVI signals
Flexible Recording Options
Ephiphan Capture Tool allows configuring recording parameters for images and video
Captured images and video can be recorded as a series of consecutively saved graphics files or as a single video file
Capture Tool and Drivers
Epiphan Capture Tool provides a seamless interface to a wide range of industry standard encoding and streaming software
Upgrades are free and the capture tool notifies you when a firmware upgrade is available
Firmware upgrades from time to time ensure optimal performance

Item Includes

  • Epiphan DVI2PCIe Duo PCIe x4 Video Capture Card with SDI and Dual-Link DVI Inputs
  • DVI Cable
  • SDI Cable
  • DVI-to-VGA Cable
  • HDMI-to-DVI Adapter
  • Low-Profile Bracket
  • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


PCI Express 2.0; x4
1 x SDI and 1 x dual-link DVI-I
HDMI via included adapter
VGA via included DVI-to-VGA cable
VESA Modes: 320x240 to 2048x2048 (or 2560x1600)
Custom HDMI/VGA/DVI Modes: HDMI up to 1920x1200
VGA Signaling
Dual-link DVI
R, G, B plus separate HSYNC and VSYNC signals
R, G, B plus CSYNC signal
R, G, B with Sync-on-Green synchronization
Color Resolution
RGB16 (5:6:5), RGB24 (8:8:8), RGB8 (2:3:3), grayscale-256, YUY2, UYVY, YV12
EDIDs can be uploaded to the device
Audio Input
SDI and HDMI audio
Frame Rate / Resolution
85 fps @ 640x480 / 720x480 / 800x600 / 1024x768 / 1280x720 / 1280x1024
60 fps @ 1920x1080 / 1920x1200
35 fps @ 2048x1536 (DVI)
30 fps @ 2048x1536 (VGA) / 2560x1600
20 fps @ 2048x2048
Buffer Memory
128 MB RAM
OS Support
Windows 7 and 8
Mac OS X 10.10
32- and 64-bit supported
Maximum Operating Temperature
Internal: Up to 176°F (80°C)*
*Temperature accessed via the API
Airflow Requirements
Minimum for Typical PC Environments: 140 LFM (0.7 m/s)
Low-Profile Short Card: 5.5 x 2.53" (140 x 64 mm)
Packaging Info
Package Weight
1.625 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
9.15 x 6.5 x 2.8"