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Casio XJ-M241 Signature Model WXGA DLP Multimedia Projector USA

by Casio
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Original price
$1,413.70 - $1,413.70
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  • Brightness of 2500 Lumens
  • 1280 x 800 (WXGA) Native Resolution
  • Hybrid LED/Laser Lamp Lasts 20,000 Hours
  • HDMI, VGA, and Composite Inputs
  • Component Supported Through VGA
  • 0.65" DLP Imaging Device
  • Built-in 5-Watt Speaker
  • RS-232 Controllable

Conduct a varied range of visual communications, from meetings and conferences to presentations, with one of these models.



4 Key Qualities Realized by CASIOs Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source

Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source supporting high-brightness projection without mercuryECOLOGY


CASIO has applied its unique new Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source to achieve breakthrough development of a mercury-free high-brightnessprojector. Adopting a new semiconductor-based light source system combining a blue laser, phosphor and a red LED, we have achieved bothhigh-brightness performance enabling projection in well-lit rooms and environmental friendliness with mercury eliminated from the light source.

Revolutionary new light source technology

CASIO developed a new semiconductor light source technology combining a red LED, phosphor and a blue laser. This source achieves high luminancesafely by employing a phosphor device to modify the wavelengths and phases of blue laser light.

Approximately 20,000-hour long-life light source with less brightness degradationECONOMY

* Compared with conventional CASIO models,
as of February 2011. Source: CASIO

The light sources life of approximately 20,000 hours far outshines that of conventional projectors that require mercury lamp replacement. It savesmaintenance labor and contributes to a significant reduction in operating costs. Since brightness degradation is more gradual than with mercurylamps, moreover, it maintains vivid image quality through long-term use.

Startup as quick as 5-seconds* Fast ON & OFF switching for convenient usabilityUSABILITY

Projection at maximum brightness is achieved in as few as five seconds, and the time from startup to screen display is shortened dramatically,facilitating more effective use of limited time. No cooling down is necessary, moreover, when the power is turned OFF. Users can complete theprocess from setting up to packing up smartly and speedily.

* Except XJ-A series

Enhanced beauty and realism A further leap forward in
color reproductionVISIBILITY

The dramatic improvement in color purity achieved by the new light source has significantly improved color reproduction. Not only are the colorsclearer and more beautiful, but the projected images also look brighter due to the visual effects of the high-purity colors. Users benefit fromclearer, more powerful images than conventional projectors can achieve.

Commitment to usability

Concern for todays high environmental quality standards

CASIO has developed a light source with no mercury lamp to eliminate the release of mercury, a highly toxic element, and adopted energy- andresource-saving designs. Superior environmental performance is also achieved by innovations such as Intelligent Brightness Control, which adjuststhe projection brightness automatically depending on the level of illumination in the surrounding environment and contributes to daily powersavings.

Vertical positioning expanding the scope of use


The projectors ability to project images straight up or down facilitates creation of visual presentations with high-impact advertising effects,such as promotions projected onto the floor of a conference hall or presentations using a showroom ceiling.

Internal memory for PC-free presentations

Presentation materials stored in the (2GB) internal memory can be projected without using a PC. Operators can project still or moving images aswell as files in PDF (and other) formats without conversion. Operation can be conducted with the bundled remote controller or a smartphone.


Smart wireless presentations (C-Assist)


Wireless communication from a smartphone or tablet with the C-Assist dedicated app installed enables control of projected images, real-timeprojection of images from a camera, projection of browser pages and remote PC operation. The scope of available presentation styles is broadeneddramatically.

? Wireless presentation
? Wireless camera
? Browser projection
? Simple PC remote control

Centralized control and remote operation functions

The projector can be controlled from a PC using an RS-232C connection or wired LAN, with centralized control of all terminals on the networkenabled. The main projector unit is equipped with a key lock that disables all operations except power ON/OFF to prevent unauthorized use andimproper operation.

"2"/Speaker, blind and others
"3"/LAN (RJ-45)
"4"/Control panel
"5"/And AMX, Extron
"6"/Software: RoomView by Crestron
"7"/Browser image


"1"/USB terminal (Micro-B)
"2"/USB terminal(Type A)*
"3"/Wired LAN terminal
"4"/Computer terminal
"5"/HDMI terminal
"6"/S-Video input terminal
"7"/Video input terminal (RCA)
"8"/Audio input terminals(RCA)
"9"/Audio output terminal
"10"/Audio input terminal
"11"/Control terminal(RS-232C)

* Supported models: XJ-M256/M246/M156/M146

Linkage to CASIO Digital Equipment

[Digital cameras]
Project your photos and videos directly.

[Direct projector connection capability]
Graphing Calculator
Connect the calculator to a data projector and project the calculator screen.

TheXJ-M241 Signature Model XGA DLP Multimedia ProjectorfromCasiofeatures a hybrid LED/laser light source that outputs 2500 lumens and lasts up to 20,000 hours. A single-chip 0.65" DLP imaging device delivers an image at 1280 x 800 (WXGA) native resolution and 4:3 native aspect ratio. Thanks to internal scaling capability, the projector can also accept non-native signals up to 1080p for HDTV and 1600 x 1200 (UXGA) for computer sources.

For connection to a variety of devices, including computers, Blu-ray disc and DVD players, document cameras, and more, the projector features VGA, HDMI, and composite inputs. The VGA input can also be adapted to accept a component signal using an adapter or adapter cable, available separately. For analog audio, there is a stereo RCA jack paired with the composite input, and a 3.5mm mini jack paired with the VGA input. Audio can be output using the built-in 5-watt mono speaker or sent to amplified speakers or a PA system using the 3.5mm mini jack output. There is also an RS-232 port so the projector can be operated remotely using custom software or automation systems such as Crestron.

Single Chip DLP Technology
Uses a 0.65" chip covered in millions of micro-mirrors to produce an image. DLP features less spacing between pixels and better contrast than many comparable LCD-based systems, and the design does not require a filter that needs to be replaced.
1.5x Manual Zoom with 1.32 to 1.93:1 Throw Ratio
Throw ratio is one of the most important specifications a projector lens has as it tells you the image size (width) you will get at a given distance from the screen. For example, at the 1.23x zoom setting and a 15' distance, this projector will throw a 115"-wide (136"-diagonal) image.
Laser/LED Hybrid Light Source
Combines the light produced by a laser array and a mercury-free LED lamp to provide a light source outputting 2500 lumens, which is more energy efficient than conventional projector lamps and features a life up to 20,000 hours. Additionally, with this lamp the projector reaches its maximum brightness in a as little as eight seconds and requires no cooling down period.

Note:The Slim Hybrid Light Source can only be replaced by the Casio Factory Service Center. Disassembly of the projector and/or use of its technology or components for other purposes is potentially dangerous.
16:10 Native Aspect Ratio
This projector features a 16:10 native aspect ratio. This is considered a widescreen format, and comes very close to the 16:9 standard of HDTV. This format is ideal if you plan to show HD video, and can still be used for presentations - though in the case of PowerPoint presentations, some extra space may be leftover on the sides. The projector can show 4:3 too; however, black bars (pillaring) will have to be applied, or the image will have to be stretched or cropped to fit.
RS-232 Controllable
An RS-232 port allows you to operate this projector remotely using custom-developed software or an automation system such as Crestron.
Supports DLP-Link Active 3D Glasses
Because of the high scan rate of the DLP devices, 3D sync data for active shutter glasses can be sandwiched between video frames. This requires a compatible graphics card and compatible software - such as a 3D video game - as well as DLP-Link enabled 3D glasses, available separately.

Item Includes

Casio XJ-M241 Signature Model WXGA DLP Multimedia Projector

  • YT-130 Remote Control
  • 6' VGA Cable
  • 6' AC Power Cord
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty On Projector


Image Display
Display System1-Chip 0.65" / 16.51 mmDLP
Native ResolutionWXGA - 1280 x 800
Supported ResolutionsUXGA - 1600 x 1200
PAL60, M, N
HDTV Compatibility1920 x 1080p
1920 x 1080i
1280 x 720p
720 x 576p
720 x 576i
720 x 480p
720 x 180i
BrightnessNormal Mode: 2500 Lumens
Aspect RatioNative:16:10
Contrast Ratio1800:1
DLP Link 3DYes
Color Range16.77Million
ZoomManual: 1.5x
Throw Distance3.3' (1.0 m)
Throw Ratio1.32 - 1.93:1
Projection Size35 - 300" / 88.90 - 762.00 cm
Keystone CorrectionAuto: Vertical: +30
Manual: Vertical: 30
Ceiling MountableYes
Rear Screen ProjectionYes
Built-in SpeakerYes, 5 W(Mono)
Internal MemoryNone
Input/Output Connectors
Inputs/Outputs1x 15-pin VGAVideo (Input)
1x HDMIAudio/Video (Input)
1x RCA CompositeVideo (Input)
1x S-VideoVideo (Input)
1x RCA Stereo (L/R)Audio (Input)
1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) MiniAudio (Input)
1x 1/8" (3.5 mm) MiniAudio (Output)
1x RS-232CControl (Input)
Wireless LANNone
LifeNormal Mode:20000 Hours
Fan NoiseNot Specified By Manufacturer
Remote ControlYes
SecurityCable Lock Slot
Password Protection
Power Requirements100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power ConsumptionNormal Mode:165W
Eco Mode:135W
Standby Mode (Network off):.12W
Standby Mode (Network on):2.3W
Altitude0 - 10000' (0 - 3048 m)
41 to 95F (5 to 35C)
Humidity: 20 - 80%
Dimensions (WxHxD)12.2 x 3.3 x 9.6"/309.9 x 83.8 x 243.8 mmwith projections
12.2 x 3.2 x 9.6"/309.9 x 81.3 x 243.8 mm
Weight8.6 lb/3.90 kg